True Love

"True love, including self-love, has no conditions. Our children need to hear that."

The trauma Suzanne experienced growing up sparked a long journey of self-initiated nature and animal assisted therapy. This evolved into Suzanne developing the nation’s first dairy farm based Children’s Grief Camp. In March 2020, Suzanne brought the audience to tears and cheers with her captivating TEDx talk held in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Here, for the first time, Suzanne publicly shared her story of transforming trauma and shame into healthy action, highlighting the healing power of nature- and farm-animal based animal assisted intervention and therapy.

Children’s Grief Camp combines farm-based activities, animal assisted therapies, and grief education. Since its inception in 2014, Children’s Grief Camp has been recognized in numerous publications and at national grief conferences. Evidence-based research on Children’s Grief Camp support that children who attend this camp make progress understanding the grief process as well as appropriate ways to express complicated emotions.

In addition to advocacy, Suzanne has for the last decade secured funding and spearheaded programs that serve vulnerable children, focusing on mental and emotional health.

Suzanne believes sustainability is often connected to an overall healthy external environment - air, soil, water, recycling. She states, "If we do not focus on our most valuable and vulnerable asset, our children, what good is the rest? What good is providing resources on improving what surrounds us while the ‘collective we’ hurt inside?"

Transformation through trauma and grief is tough, painful, messy, and terrifying. Yet, it is necessary in order to move us individually and collectively toward a happier, healthier, and more sustainable life – a more sustainable society.

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