About Suzanne

Suzanne is a Tedx Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children (CASA), Professional Fundraising Counsel, and Advocate for Animal Assisted Interventions and Therapies.

Suzanne earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Marketing and Master of Science in Organizational Management with a concentration in Non-Profit from Misericordia University, Dallas Pennsylvania. Suzanne is currently studying Animal Behavior & Welfare at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.

For over a decade Suzanne performed extensive work at PBS/NPR affiliate, WVIA TV/FM, serving as current events show producer and host. In 2010 she was offered the opportunity to head the development and marketing team at The Lands at Hillside Farms, a historic, non-profit, educational dairy farm located in Trucksville, Pennsylvania. The farm's mission is to teach sustainable life choices that are healthy, logical, and sustainable. This same 412-acre farm was Suzanne’s childhood "safe place," where she escaped her home surroundings of family addiction. Without hesitation, she chose to focus full throttle on the farm – to give up cameras for cows. This decision was transformational. Suzanne explains, "Drawing on my personal experiences growing up I wanted to create a way where Hillside Farms – my childhood haven - could help other children who were hurting, find something so they too could feel comforted and safe."

This something would be a farm-based Children’s Grief Camp for those who experienced trauma. This unique, farm-based grief education camp combines farm animal assisted activities and therapies, farm related activities, and grief education sessions. It was created to serve children who: Have lost a loved one due to illness, accident, murder, or suicide; have been placed in foster care due to neglect or abuse; have parent(s) in active addiction; have parent(s) incarcerated.

Grief education sessions and emotional support activities are tailored to the children’s individual needs. The goal is to help the children understand their feelings; and, how to be comfortable with whatever they are feeling, including happiness. Children learn appropriate ways to express complex feelings related to their circumstances to help reduce feelings of isolation and shame.

To learn more about creating, funding, and your organization’s grief camp for children or adults, please send an email to suzanne@suzannekapral.com. You will receive a response within one business day.